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Hello. On behalf of the Officers and Board of Directors, I welcome you to our Division webpage.

Assessors are charged with the tremendous responsibility of valuing all the real property in their jurisdictions. These values form the basis of the formula for calculating, collecting and distributing the dollars generated from real estate taxes. Because of this responsibility, and in order to help those elected to the job; we have worked to provide a webpage that can be a resource tool for the members of our community.

Here you will find opportunities to interact with Officers and Board members and to submit questions relating to the work we do. You can also find links to valuable resource materials and educational opportunities that may assist in performing your duties as Assessor. We invite you to look around and see how we can work together to bring understanding, professionalism and respect to the job we do.

“The essence of being a township assessor: enormous responsibilities, extraordinarily high expectations, exceptional performance, unparalleled integrity, unwavering trust.”

Reference: Steven W. Stanger & Associates, Inc., Deerfield, Illinois. The Township Assessors’ Guide – published by the Illinois Assessors’ Association – A division of the Township Officials of Illinois.

John Dabrowski
Assessing the Facts
Catch up on the latest issues of "Assessing the Facts" by Deb Lane! The article appears in the monthly magazine Township Perspective.
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Officers / Directors
Comprehensive listing of Executive Board members and Directors with contact info.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Get the answers to some of the most common Assessment-related inquiries.
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Upcoming Events
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