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General Assistance

The General Assistance program is designed to help Carbondale Township Residents in need who are not eligible for Social Security or a state supported program. Residents who qualify must come to the Township to apply for assistance. In order to determine if one meets all requirements necessary to apply for General Assistance, they should contact our General Assistance Department at (618) 457-3366.


What is the General Assistance Program?

General Assistance (GA) is a locally administered public assistance program mandated by IL State Law for qualified individuals with financial needs. In accordance with the adopted written standards, GA can provide monthly payments to help individuals meet their basic needs. Interested individuals can apply to the Carbondale Township's General Assistance Department. An applicant must be a resident of Carbondale Township, age 18 or older, and a United States Citizen or Qualified Immigrant. In addition, an applicant must meet all financial and non-financial eligibility requirements. The Township General Assistance program is considered to be a program of last resort.

Applicants must:

  • Adhere to the General Assistance rules of participation.
  • Meet specific financial and non-financial requirements under the G.A. program guidelines.
  • Submit all the documents needed to begin your application process to determine eligibility.
  • Be willing to be cooperative with the G.A. department, actively search for work opportunities, accept a work offer and/or engage in community service activities.

Monthly Assistance:
Provided in the form of basic needs allowance for rent, food, utilities, clothing, personal and household supplies. All grants are paid directly to the vendor. Any resident needing help must meet state mandated guidelines and participate in the Township Community Work Program and Job Search Program.



Emergency Assistance is designed for households with dependent children or individuals exceeding General Assistance guidelines and have an emergent need, such as:

  • A housing late payment AND eviction notice
  • A utility late payment AND disconnect notice
  • Verified homelessness

Eligibility is based on financial and non-financial factors.

Once in a 24 month period, twice in a lifetime.

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